Engaging a Noble companion

A fact finding call

Before you can make a decision you’ll need the facts in front of you. You can call us Monday to Friday on 0117 332 0920 for an informal chat and we’ll give you all the details we can about what we offer, the Noble Live-in Care difference and how our service is always tailored to you. We’ll tell you about the differences between CQC and non-CQC regulated services. We can talk about any worries and concerns you may have and about other information you’ve gathered and options you’re considering. We’re happy to give you an indication of the price but as we’re regulated by the CQC we can’t give an accurate price until we’ve carried out a detailed care and risk assessment at your home.

Meeting with us

If you like what you’ve heard and you’d like to meet us, even if it's just to go over the information again, then we’d be happy to pay a visit to you, and remember there is still no obligation on your part. At the meeting, we can start talking specifics about what kind of service you’re looking for and what standards you expect. We can also discuss any physical and medical care needs you may have. We’ll want to know what kind of companion you have in mind and what part you’d like them play in your daily routine, social engagements, hobbies and activities.Our aim is to make your home life better and safer than it's been recently, so don’t hold back telling us about the life you dream of; we like a challenge.

Considering your options

We always recommend that you and your family take the time to discuss the information we’ve given you, along with your other options. We’re still here if you want to clarify anything or if you have any new questions and we can recommend expert advice on funding options too.

Requesting an assessment

Unlike some care providers we don’t charge to carry out an assessment, ever, and if you choose not to engage our service you’re welcome to keep your assessment documentation to use as a reference. The assessment is a great opportunity for you to let us know your likes, dislikes, daily routine, lifestyle and any changes you’d like to make to your life once you have an extra pair of hands and our trustworthy support in place. Aims that clients might have include regaining independence, rehabilitation, post-operative recovery and living comfortably and safely in their own home. During the assessment, we’ll cover topics such as your support needs, health issues and medical requirements, food preferences, desired housekeeping routine, mobility and equipment to support mobility and night-time requirements. We welcome family involvement at all meetings so that we can offer clarification and answer any concerns that may arise. By return, we send your care support plan, a copy of our terms and conditions and a contract for you to sign should you wish to engage our live-in care service. In the meantime, our team will already be considering a suitable companion for you. As we employ, train and work closely with all our companions you can be sure that all members of our team work with the same customer care standards and person-centred ethos.

Agreeing a date

If after suitable consideration you decide to engage us to provide a live-in care companion then simply sign and return the contract and together we can set a start date for the service to commence. We pride ourselves on our companion selection process and training ethos. If they’re not up to our standard they simply don’t get the chance to become a Noble care companion. This gives us great confidence in all our care companions, but we understand your apprehension at having a new addition to your household so we provide you with a photograph and character resume of your new companion and we encourage you to talk to them on the phone or via Skype. We understand that you might prefer to meet them in person but usually your companion will be in the process of completing an engagement with another client.

Your companion arrives

On the agreed date your care companion will arrive. They will already have been briefed on your individual expectations and all details of your support plan so they can start their role immediately. It's important to allow time to establish a relationship with your companion so although we’re eager to know how you’re getting on we leave a two-week interval before we organise a visit to review your satisfaction and ensure that things are running smoothly.