What is live-in care?

A live-in care companion lives with you seven days a week allowing you to continue being independent and in your own home. Live-in care is not only a preferred option for many people, it is also a cost effective alternative to residential care. In terms of value, when compared to residential care live-in companions offer both greater flexibility and more time spent with you and focused on you.

The Noble difference

At Noble we specialise in live-in care and find that while care is an important part of our service what our clients actually want is a life made as independent as possible, companionship that is never intrusive or overbearing and help that doesn’t treat them as helpless.
Our service is tailored to you…

Life with a Noble companion

Cares of the day...tailored to you


With us by your side you’ll be able to spend your time caring about the things that matter to you; whether its being in the garden, spending time with loved ones or sitting quietly with your favourite pastime.

We’ll take care of all the household chores; the cooking, the cleaning, the organising and we’ll be an extra pair of hands whenever you need them. From arranging appointments to new adventures you can be confident that everything will be just the way you want it.

In good company…tailored to you


We can make all the difference to keeping active, restarting previous hobbies, revisiting favourite places and friends or even trying something new.

Whenever you fancy it; lunch at a garden centre, or a shopping trip with help trying on clothes and a coffee before you go home. For the more adventurous; a day at a National Trust property, a night at the theatre, or even a holiday away from home.

We can help no matter what your mobility is and we are great company to have around. Loneliness becomes a thing of the past as you’ll greet each day with your companion.

Family moments…tailored to you


We want to make moments with your family and friends into precious memories again.

Once you engage us you’ll feel like you’ve gained both a housekeeper and a personal assistant so your family won’t need to spend their valuable time organising help, assisting with household chores or worrying about your physical and emotional wellbeing.

We’ll even prepare Sunday lunch for you and your family when they visit so you can all spend quality time together in your home.

Service plans

Our service plans are designed to reflect the amount and type of support that you require. Our fees are dependant on assessed needs and range between £887 and £1360. We start by assessing your needs and matching them to one of our four service plans. Then we listen to what you want and make fine adjustments to the service to make it tailored to you.

We aim to offer value for money so we’ve made sure that our service compares favourably with the cost of hourly based home care and care homes. However, the real benefit of our live-in service is in allowing you to continue living independently in your own home.

A Noble Live-in Care companion will live with you seven days a week. The hours spent by your companion attending to your needs and housekeeping duties constitute the support hours for your service plan. Outside of these support hours, a two hour daily break and 8 hours nightly rest period they are happy to live as your companion sharing mealtimes, interests, conversation and outings.

As you’re considering live-in care you may have some questions about living with a companion. We answer some of the most frequently asked ones here…

Reasons to choose Noble Live-in Care

We believe that live-in care is a great alternative to a care home or a domiciliary care service and the majority of people who choose it never look back, but we understand that it’s still a decision to be made so we want to be as much help as possible in providing you with any information that you need.
We’re regulated by the Care Quality Commission and we take great pride in the positive changes we bring to people’s live, so we’ll never pressure you, and if you decide not to use our Live-in Care service we are still happy to have been of help.
If you'd like to know more about the process of engaging a care companion from us then you'll find it here...