Common Misconceptions about Live-in care

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There are many thoughts and emotions we have when we think about live-in care for ourselves, or a loved one. These feelings often lead to apprehension and some common misconceptions about Live-in Care among both those who need the care, and the relatives who may be sourcing the care.


These are the most common misconceptions in our experience about Live-in care at home.


Live- in Care workers are unskilled

Providing Live-in care is a highly skilled and an emotionally and physically demanding job. Noble Live-in Care provides a fully managed service which is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and our live-in care workers undergoes some of the most comprehensive live-in training around. All of our Care Workers hold the nationally recognised Care Certificate as a minimum. They’ll also be trained in your diagnosed health conditions and specific live-in skills. We invest significantly in training our people so you can be confident their knowledge and qualifications will stay current. The best live-in care workers are those with high levels of emotional intelligence, they are skilled in listening, connecting with people, and developing relationships so that they understand their client’s needs better and can provide tailored care and support.


Your Live-in Care Worker will take over your standard routine

We will complete a thorough assessment of your needs and work in partnership with you to devise a support plan that reflects your chosen lifestyle, routines, and targets your personal goals. A personal care plan is always completed with each client and with family and friends involved where necessary. Your home is your sanctuary, and our Care Workers are trained to respect your home, possessions, lifestyle and choices.

We’ll manage your live-in care service, but you’ll be in full control of the support you receive. We’ll be led by your goals and wishes and find creative solutions to help you live the life you choose.


A stranger in your home will be uncomfortable

Live-in Care Workers understands that their clients will, in the beginning, be hesitant about the thought of people they do not know coming into their home for an extended period. Our Care Workers are trained to respect your home, possessions, lifestyle and choices. We aim to allocate you a lead care worker, so that you can quickly become accustomed to them and start to form a meaningful relationship. They won’t be a stranger for long!


Live-in Care at home is expensive

For families that have never used Live-in Care, the thought can be intimidating. Many people believe bringing a live-in care worker to provide care and support for their loved ones will be far too expensive, but fortunately they’re wrong! Every package of care should be priced individually and according to your loved one’s unique requirements. In most cases, you will find, the cost of live-in care is comparable to the cost of a residential care home with various funding options available.


Live-in Care only works if you are single

Noble can support an individual living with other adults or as a couple if you and your partner or the person you live with both require care and support. All you need is a private, fully furnished bedroom with appropriate storage for clothes and belongings and an internet connection so they can access Noble’s technology systems to manage your care and support.


For more information about how Noble can help you and your loved ones contact us on 0333 121 2601 or email


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