Frequently asked questions

What if I’m feeling apprehensive about having a companion?

It’s very natural to feel this way and we’ve seen it many times before, but we’ve also seen the positive changes that clients undergo once they experience constant companionship, the realisation that they’re still in control, support in achieving their desired lifestyle and often an enhanced feeling of independence.

Will I lose my privacy and independence if I have a companion?

The Noble Live-in Care team including your companion are always aware that you are our customer and client. Our aim is to support and enhance your independence by being there to help when you want it and in the ways that you want.
Your companion will develop a friendship with you to a level that you are comfortable with and beyond which we will at all times respect your dignity and privacy.

How quickly can I start the service?

We understand that sometimes the decision to have a care companion is left until the situation is urgent and we know that some care providers are prepared to respond to this urgency by providing a care service immediately, before a support plan has been drawn up, but this is potentially both negligent and dangerous.
Our preference is to allow at least a week to organise and start a service but in urgent situations we will pull out all the stops to get you the support that you need. If it's possible we will clear our diary in order to carry out an assessment and draw up a care support plan. Then we will brief one of our available care companions to arrive as soon as possible.

What if I’m not happy with an aspect of the service?

That’s simple; just let us know what you’re not happy about. We always appreciate the opportunity to change and improve our service for each client, that’s why we say that our service is tailored to you.
At any time you can give us four weeks notice to terminate the service so if after our best efforts you are still not happy then you won’t be tied into a lengthy and costly contract.

How well prepared will my companion be on arrival?

All our companions hold an up-to-date training certificate and they must undergo refresher training annually to renew it.
Before we will even consider a new companion they must meet the following criteria:

  • a minimum of 6 months previous experience in a care role with suitable references
  • ID, qualification and work permit verification
  • a formal Police check in the UK and abroad
  • an Adult Safeguarding check
  • a successful two-stage interview and written test

Those that show promise are invited to take part in our in-house week-long intensive training and observation program. This allows us to assess a companion’s suitability to represent Noble Live-in Care and ensures that they operate to our standards on subjects like:

  • nutrition
  • food safety
  • fire prevention
  • first aid
  • health & safety
  • infection control
  • moving and positioning
  • safeguarding

Only those that pass our training are accepted as care companions. Those that don’t pass but still have potential may be asked to gain more experience elsewhere before returning to try again with us.
As part of our ongoing training, and before companions are placed with clients with complex health conditions, we provide advanced training appropriate to the client’s needs.
Before your companion arrives at your house they will have been given an in-depth briefing into your personality and interests, expectations and wishes, your medical and care requirements, and any other information that will bring about a smooth introduction into your home and life.

What do I need to provide for my companion?

The price of our service presumes and takes into account that you will be providing furnished accommodation and covering the cost of household bills and your companion’s sustenance.
Each companion requires their own private bedroom with adequate storage for clothes and belongings. A separate bathroom, toilet, television and internet access are appreciated but not obligatory.
Your companion will always respect your home, your standards and your wishes. In turn, we ask that you respect your companion’s privacy when they retire to their room.

What is not part of the service?

Your companion will be happy to carry out routine housekeeping but they are prohibited from lifting and moving heavy objects and intensive gardening activities.
Your companion arrives fully qualified to care for all your needs in accordance with your current care support plan and they will have training in medication support to a level that is required to comply with legislation, but they are not nurses and cannot carry out nursing or medical procedures.
Companions take pride in being available to care for your needs but you will appreciate that they cannot actively work for 24 hours each day.
To comply with employment law we insist that they provide care and housekeeping support only during their contracted support hours, that they are given a 2 hour break to leave the house every day and that they have 8 hours uninterrupted sleep each night. The remainder of the time you can expect them to actively participate as your companion.

Will my companion be able to drive me to places?

We do not normally include driving as part of our service and we do not expect our companions to have their own transport. However, if you and your family choose to take responsibility for insuring your companion on your own licensed vehicle then we would need to be informed and involved in verifying all documents for reasons of risk assessment.