Different types of learning disability

According to Mencap, there are different types of learning disability which can be mild, moderate, severe or profound. People with a severe learning disability or a profound and multiple learning difficulty (PMLD), will need care and support with mobility, communication and personal care.

A learning disability could include people with autism and down syndrome.

Is live-in care suitable for people with a learning disability?

People living with a lifelong learning disability may need support with daily tasks such as getting dressed, meal preparation, personal care, household tasks and medication, so live-in care is ideal for people living with these conditions.

We support our clients with Learning Disabilities, from 18 years upwards, in several ways and currently support clients with both autism and down syndrome. We take extra care to match the right care worker with our clients.

With Live-in Care, you can continue to lead your life as you want to, whether that is going to work, university or college, the gym, cinema, festivals with your mates or even to the skate park. Our clients can also travel with their live-in care workers.

Noble Live-in Care will provide one-to-one care in your own home, university or at work so that you can continue to live the life you want to lead. It gives you the independence to make your own decisions about your future and your day to day activities. You have the freedom to choose what you want to do with your day and where you want to go. We will match you with a carer that is suitable to you and your needs.

Young adults with conditions such as learning difficulties, autism, brain injury, mental health issues or Multiple Sclerosis (MS), for example, want the same thing as everyone else: paid work, a place to call their own, friends and relationships, and to be a part of society they live in.


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Speak to Allison, or our team, who are on hand to give you impartial advice on live-in care.

Please contact +44 (0) 333 121 2601, e mail info@nobleliveincare.com or complete our contact us form.

We will be able to give you advice over the phone or e mail and we can arrange a home visit. We will complete a thorough assessment of your needs and work in partnership with you to devise a  support plan that reflects your chosen lifestyle and routines, and targets and personal goals.