Live-in care and Parkinson’s

Around 153,000 people live with Parkinson’s in the UK. And it’s the fastest growing neurological condition in the world. Having Parkinson’s can feel overwhelming but it shouldn’t be so debilitating as to stop you doing what you used to do before you were diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Symptoms start to appear when the brain can’t make enough dopamine to control movement properly.

There are over 40 symptoms of Parkinson’s. But the 3 main symptoms of Parkinson’s are a tremor (shaking), slowness of movement and rigidity (muscle stiffness).


Is Live-in care suitable for people with Parkinson’s?

If the symptoms of Parkinson’s mean that you are struggling with the day to day, our care workers can provide one-to-one live-in care support. They will not only help with physical issues such as getting dressed, making meals, help around the house but will also support you with the emotional effects of Parkinson’s. Our Live-in care supports you with personal care, meal preparation, domestic support, medication support and well-being.

Our team offers one-to-one quality care from a personal live-in care worker, improving quality of life for individuals living with Parkinson’s. Noble Live-in Care can support you with personal care, companionship, meal preparation, domestic support, medication support and well-being checks.

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Speak to Allison, or our team, who are on hand to give you impartial advice on live-in care.

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We will be able to give you advice over the phone or e mail and we can arrange a home visit. We will complete a thorough assessment of your needs and work in partnership with you to devise a  support plan that reflects your chosen lifestyle and routines, and targets and personal goals.