Preventing Falls

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An elderly person (80+) , falls every 10 seconds in the UK. * This means that around six elderly people fall every minute in the UK, equating to around 8,500 falls a day.

How can you prevent falls:

  • immediately mop up spillages
  • remove clutter, trailing wires and frayed carpet
  • use non-slip mats and rugs
  • make sure all rooms, passages and staircases are well lit
  • organising your home so that climbing, stretching and bending are kept to a minimum, and to avoid bumping into things
  • getting help to do things you are unable to do safely on your own
  • not walking on slippery floors in socks or tights
  • not wearing loose-fitting, trailing clothes that might trip you up
  • wearing well-fitting shoes that are in good condition and support the ankle
  • taking care of your feet by trimming your toenails regularly and seeing a GP or podiatrist (foot health professional) about any foot problems


*From an analysis by TakingCare Personal Alarms.

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