The health benefits of Dry January

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Dry January is an initiative from Alcohol Concern, to start a new conversation about alcohol, to encourage people to consider and discuss their alcohol consumption and ultimately to inspire change following a positive and fun-filled month of sobriety.

Participants testify to how great a month off from alcohol can be; they sleep better, have more energy, some lose weight and save money, and others notice improvements in their skin and hair.

More recently, research from the Royal Free Hospital in London has shown that there are positive physiological effects to be gained from taking part in Dry January. The study, performed on moderate drinkers (those drinking around the levels of recommended limits), has shown people experiencing improvements in concentration and sleep patterns, as well as having reduced cholesterol and lower glucose levels, lower blood pressure, weight loss overall, and losing 40% of their liver fat.


The benefits

  • In the cold and flu season, drinking alcohol won’t aid recovery and can disturb sleep;
  • Alcohol can negatively interact with medication;
  • Alcohol contributes to anxiety, low mood and depression, and Dry January is a great opportunity to encourage people to look at lifestyle issues that may be affecting their wellbeing;
  • Cutting out alcohol can help people achieve weight loss goals; and
  • Over 10% of high blood pressure in men is alcohol related.



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