The difference we make to you

At Noble Live-in Care, we know that you are not your ailments, physical needs or mental capacity. Instead, we see you as a person who wants to enjoy what your life has to offer. We understand that you may want help along the way, not someone to take over, but someone to support your desire to remain at home, in control and leading a fulfilling life. So while the care that we provide is second to none, we take our high standards and our team’s 25 years of experience as being the starting point of our service and not the conclusion.

Our mission is to enable our clients to live independent lives in the comfort of their own home while providing peace of mind to their families.

We see life as a series of chapters and we believe that each chapter is important and deserves to be as fulfilling as possible.

We focus on our client's enjoyment of the next chapter of their life. To do this we have to start afresh with each new client getting to know their likes and dislikes, preferences and interests so that we can create a truly bespoke service that meets their desires.

To our clients, we are not just an alternative to residential care homes and domiciliary sessional care. With a service that is genuinely tailored to you, Noble Live-in Care is often the preferred alternative to other live-in care providers.

Along with long-term live-in services, we also offer respite services that accommodate short breaks for family members looking after loved ones.

How we choose to work

Many live-in care providers act as an introduction agency. They do not employ your carer. Instead, they introduce you to a self-employed person who you hire and pay directly. For this service, the agency will charge you for the introduction, along with a weekly fee for the term of your carer’s stay and possibly additional extras such as travel expenses and your assessment. The quality of the service you receive will be up to the carer and any issues that arise will be between you and them.

Noble Live-in Care provides a fully managed service which is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. We hire, train, supervise and support all our care companions and ensure that they work to our standards.

Beyond our commitment as a regulated care service provider, we recognise that each of our clients is an individual with unique requirements, so we endeavour to listen to what you want to achieve and then come up with solutions.

Care providers that are not CQC regulated need never visit you or carry out an assessment to ensure the quality of their service. We not only have to visit you regularly but we welcome the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with you and your family. So not surprisingly you’ll find that your relationship with us is more satisfying than with many other care providers.

Who we choose to work with

The qualities that we look for in a potential care companion include:

  • Being a good listener with an interest in people
  • Having empathy and a caring nature
  • Being flexible and self-motivated
  • Having dedication and a willingness to go the extra mile
  • A sensible outlook with a sense of humour
  • A rounded knowledge of care best practises

Although it may not seem the most important aspect initially, in our experience true companionship becomes one of the greatest benefits to engaging a live-in service and a significant level of wellbeing is attained by building understanding, familiarity and continuity.