Are Care Hotels the answer? How can care providers help with bed blocking

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“Care Hotels” were set up to alleviate bed blocking and the pressure on the NHS, particularly during the COVID pandemic, to free up precious beds in the hospital where the patient no longer needs hospital care. However, “Care Hotels” are still being offered as a temporary solution. A patient typically stays in a “Care Hotel” for up to 3 weeks and sometimes longer.

Often, the general perception is that a patient cannot go home because there is not sufficient care available at home and hence, they are sent to “Care Hotels”, in the interim, whilst an alternative solution is found. According to Age UK, for instance, “an excess bed day in the NHS” costs a maximum of £2,532 per week. Some “Care Hotels” are charging a staggering £300 per night, according to an article in The Guardian. This is a temporary solution, meaning that an alternative solution has to be found within days and weeks, which puts pressure on our social care services.

There is also the question around who is regulating “Care Hotels”? Noble Live-in Care is CQC rated but is there any evidence that a “Care Hotel” is regulated?

There is an alternative. A live-in care package can be set up for a patient within 24 hours, allowing them to go home and receive 24/7 care in their own home. With costs starting at £1290 per week, patients could be provided with 1-2-1 support from Noble Live-in Care’s care professionals. Given the choice, who would not prefer to recover in the safety and comfort of their own home? This is for patients with many conditions including Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Stroke recovery and care, Brain Injury and Cancer. It can also be a long term solution. Conditions we care for.

This is far more cost effective, but also a lot easier to manage as Noble Live-in Care would provide the support to make the move from the hospital to home as smooth as possible and can provide long term care if required, so the patient can reside and recover in the safety and comfort of their own home and you are reassured that the patient is being looked after well by a CQC rated organisation.

Given the choice, who would not prefer to recover in the safety and comfort of their own home?

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