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Charlie Winson, Locality Manager, South East, Noble Live-in Care, has worked for Mihomecare/Noble Live-in Care since 2020.

Charlie started working in care when she was 15, working in a care home on work experience whilst studying at senior school. She used to serve residents their lunch and sit and eat with them. This is where she got her love and passion for care – sitting and listening to the residents stories about their past and getting to know them. Charlie says, “They were incredible people”.

Charlie started her career as a domiciliary care worker and moved onto become a senior care worker in a residential care home. After this, she worked in a hospital operating theatre for two years before becoming a care coordinator and now a Locality Manager for Noble Live-in Care.

As a Locality Manager, Charlie manages a team of live-in care workers in the South East.

Charlie says, “Working in the health and care sector was always my destiny. I used to love watching medical programs as a child and always had an urge to help others. I have learned that a kind heart goes a long way and a smile can say a thousand things”

“Live-in care means that people can stay in their own home, enjoying their own surroundings. We all love to be at home in a place where we find comfort. Working in care brings me great satisfaction knowing that I have helped someone who is in need of extra help. It is a great feeling being able to assist someone to live their life as much as possible, with a smile on their face. I am passionate about making sure clients are safe and happy and helping them to enjoy an active life as much as possible”.

“I have learned a kind heart goes a long way and a smile can say a thousand things”.

Kirsty Prendiville, Operations Manager, Noble Live-in Care, says “Charlie is a great asset to the team. She is very organised, driven, hard working, diligent and an extremely caring person”.


Recent reviews 

“Charlie is always there when am having difficulty contacting my own manager in the past, she never complained or shut me down. She’s active polite and willing to help”. Ayobola Awosola, Noble Live-in Care Worker

“Charlie was correct and helpful -as a manager- every time when I had questions or queries. She always found solutions”. Erika Horvath, Noble Live-in Care Worker



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