Noble Live-in Care celebrates Professional Care Workers Week 2023

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Noble Live-in Care is celebrating Professional Care Workers week by giving out goody bags filled with treats to our care workers to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication in caring for our clients. At Noble Live-in Care, we recognise the value that our care workers add to our clients day to day lives.

What is Professional Care Workers Week?

Professional Care Workers Week is a celebration of care workers and the work they do, created to promote awareness and raise the profile of care workers in the UK.

The Care Workers Charity will be hosting a programme of panels and information sessions which will be delivered by care workers and care managers alongside some of the biggest names in Adult Social Care.

Why is it called “Professional” Care Workers’ Week?

Care is a highly skilled profession, but on the whole care workers do not get the advantages of being seen as professionals.

Professionalisation means recognising the diverse skillset that people bring to the role and the amount of responsibility they take on. It’s about more than a qualification or certificate – it should also come with appropriate remuneration above the Real Living Wage, ample opportunities to develop and progress, easy movement between providers and importantly, recognition of their immense value to society.

For people who draw on care and support, professionalisation means higher levels of trust and knowing what to do if the relationship isn’t working. It means safety, accountability and transparency.

Professional Care Workers’ Week is an opportunity to raise the profile of care workers in the UK and showcase the fantastic work they do, while providing opportunities for learning and sharing best practice. For more information, please visit: Professional Care Workers Week.

Would you be interested in becoming a Noble Live-in Care Care Worker? Please visit our careers page .

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