Cancer Prevention Action Week

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Cancer Prevention Week 2024 takes place on 19–25 February. This week is all about encouraging people to eat healthier and do more exercise to stay healthy.

What will you be doing to support Cancer Prevention Week?

Our team at Noble Live-in Care shared their photos of “getting active”.

There are lots of activities to choose from:

  • Dancing in the kitchen whilst you cook
  • Treating the dogs to an extra walk
  • Stretching whilst making a coffee
  • Going for a swim at the local pool
  • Taking up a new hobby such as learning to play tennis or badminton
  • Going to the gym
  • Taking the kids to the park
  • Do a few squats whilst the kettle is boiling
  • Go to a yoga class


The Noble Live-in Care are taking part in activities this week and will be sharing these on social media.

What will you do?

Send us your stories and pictures to

Here are some photos of the Noble Live-in Care team getting out and about with their families.


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