Live-in Care over the Christmas period

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The Christmas period is a time for families to come together. However, for families with loved ones who have care requirements, your loved one’s care needs do not diminish. The truth is that our clients still need care and support on the 25th  of  December like any other day. This year the Noble team will once again be there to make sure that our clients not only get the support they need, but that they are supported to celebrate this special time of year too.

Live-in care workers are in most cases invaluable over the Christmas period, as there is often Christmas activities, events, and household tasks that your live-in care worker can support your loved one with. This can include decorating your home, helping your loved ones to visit their friends and family, or even support to cook their favorite holiday meal. We understand that everybody’s needs for the Christmas period is highly personal and our Live-in Care Workers are guided by your loved ones to support their needs.

Jura, one of our Live-in Care Workers, supports her long-term client over the Christmas period. She shared with us, that Christmas is a time of year that person centered care is extra important. Every person’s family traditions are different and it’s her job to facilitate her client to take part in their traditions and also support them to meet their family near or far.


She said ‘I try to create a feeling of home and happiness, I try to think of ways to keep his interest and create moments that are special to him.’


Frequently it may be live-in care workers helping their client, to get ready to go to a loved one’s home for a Christmas lunch or for a family visit. In many cases live-in care workers are a familiar face for their clients and often an important part of their client’s routine.

Julie one of our Live-in Care Workers notes that this time of year can be quite isolating for our clients and taking the time to support them and keep them company is so important.

We often talk about our live-in care workers providing the care and companionship that we would choose for our own families, and this is most apparent during the Christmas period itself!


Kirsty our Operations Manager shares ‘The care workers here at Noble Live in Care make a difference to our customers lives every day. At Christmas we are incredibly proud of our care workers dedication to their customers, delaying celebrations with their families to ensure our customers are happy and safe in their own homes’


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